I Want My Homeroom Teacher To Be Anisha Lakhani!

by DOUGLAS MARSHALL · August 13, 2008

    anisha lakhaniFrom: hamptons.guestofaguest.com:

    Go HERE for more photos from this event from PMC.

    I KNEW IT! I always said they were a different breed….Manhattan kids. I spent my summers out East with them at the Club, at tennis camp and taking sailing lessons; I was surrounded by usual suspects from top schools like Dalton, Chapin, Spence, Riverdale and Horace-Mann, to name a few. These elite kids were the offspring of power brokering financial barons, family fortune heirs, and their trophy wife admirers. I always knew that something was up with these kids from the moment they started calling me “Country Boy” because I didn’t live in Manhattan in the 10021 Zip Code. As if Greenwich Connecticut was in New Hampshire. They were different all right!