Interview With Surfer/Curator Tripoli Patterson

by CLAIRE WILLETT · July 23, 2008

    Tripoli Patterson


    Tripoli Patterson is a pro surfer. He's lived in Bali and New Zealand. He puts together fantastic exhibitions for artists he discovers in his travels. His tee-shirt line's like Christopher Holland's on acid. New York's hipster elite love him. So too do older, more established gallery owners. Among the east end's young wave riders, he is God. And he is only 24. In part one of our interview, he divulges the world's best beaches, Brazilian ladies, and New Yorkers' naïveté.

    What's the story behind "Tripoli?" Have you visited it? My Mother always love the name “Trip” for a boy so when she had me that’s what she wanted to name me. However my father wasn’t as found of the name, probably thinking it sounded a lil too, you know, Trippy. So my aunt Heidi came up with the name Tripoli which pleased my dad, because he is a very religious man and rit refers to the name of the three kings who brought Mary presents for Jesus’ birth. And my Mom got her way as well because she knew she could call me Trip for short.