A Little Wicked Owners Bianca And Robyn Moreno Talk Style Out East

by Maggie McGlinchy · August 5, 2011

    A couple Sundays ago, we stopped by Banzai Burger to find it not only was serving up burgers and sushi, but also selling really awesome vintage clothes. Upon further investigation, we learned that Banzai was hosting a pop-up shop for A Little Wicked, your new best kept secret in Manhattan. Bianca and Robyn Moreno are both business partners and sisters who run the boutique and are both vintage fashion enthusiasts. Essentially, they raid vintage stores all over the country, find the best pieces, make some adjustments to them, and then put them on the rack, ready to wear. So awesome.

    You may recognize Robyn as a regular host on PlumTV, but loves running the store on the side with her sister. Bianca explained to me how it all happens:

    "I’ve worked in the fashion industry for the past ten years and I’ve always collected vintage and I’ve always prepared it, because you know when you see something and you’re like, ‘This would be so much better if it didn’t have these gnarly sleeves on it’ or ‘If it was this much shorter,’ so I would do those things because I could do those things because I knew how. I know how things fit and I just know how things look on girls. I have a good eye for color and prints and there are a lot of really great dresses that have really beautiful prints and colors on them but the shape is kinda bad. So I would go in and make it more wearable.”

    And I am so happy she does. Each piece is so personal and unique (but not costume-y) because of all the work at both she and her sister Robyn put into them. "I have an attatchment to every piece, so when someone takes something I'm always happy because its going to a good home," said Bianca. But what really got me were the descriptions on the tags of all the clothes.

    Plus, the best part about vintage is that its one of a kind, so you know no one else will be wearing the same thing, which is a common problem out east. Bianca and Robyn both agreed that Hamptons shopping doesn't really facilitate individual style. Describing their last trip to the Hamptons, Bianca said "There was no where to shop. You would go to a party and you could see where people were getting their dresses. There weren’t that many options. Everybody was kind of wearing the same thing."

    Luckily we can fear no more, because A Little Wicked will be at Banzai Burger every Sunday for the rest of the season. "All designers go vintage shopping to get inspired. We're kind of just turning it around and we're gonna bring it straight to you. And you don’t have to spend a million dollars." And we thank you for that, Robyn.

    Go HERE for more photos of A Little Wicked's pop-up shop at Banzai Burger!

    [Bianca and Robyn Moreno show off their vintage style]