Clothes Make The Axe Loungers

by CARSON GRIFFITH · August 14, 2009

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    We didn't get the scoop on whether or not these two were a happy couple, but their attire (and behavior) speaks lengths. How else can we explain his matching pants to her dress? Whatever the situation is, it takes a real man to wear skintight turquoise pants to AXE Lounge (we think?). To top it off, he adorned it with a long light-weight summer scarf (if those technically exist) with matching tones of blue. However, we worried that he might lose his precious accessory at one point when he took to the banquette and began his personal rendition of the famous "fist pump". His violent dance moves were so powerful, we were nervous his scarf would fly off into the crowd and be lost forever - or his practically painted on turquoise pants might rip at the seams. Fashion disaster? He doesn't look too thrilled in this pic - maybe he's waiting on a sewing kit?