Clothes Make The Bromance

by SAMANTHA KANTOR · July 20, 2010

    There's nothing like spending a summer Saturday night at Nello Summertimes. The drinks are delicious, the ladies are lovely, but of course, nothing compares to posing for pics with all your best bros.When the news leaked that tween heart throb Taylor Lautner would be making an appearance, the kiddies came out dressed to debatably impress. We're pretty sure these guys were brogasming about seeing today's hottest werewolf, but we're not entirely sure about their bro-fits. Granted, the styles do get better as you look at these brofriends from left to right, but we're a little confused as to whether they realize they've left Chelsea and are actually in the Hamptons. Also, minus points for wearing your drug habit across your chest on your sleeve, Pablo Escobar. Didn't D.A.R.E. teach you anything?