Clothes Make The Costume

by CARSON GRIFFITH · July 29, 2009

    [Picture by JOE SCHILDHORN for PMc] We're slightly confused at some of the people's attire at events out here. We know during the summer everyone gets a bit more liberal with dress codes, but we've seen some serious liberties being taken when it comes to people expressing themselves. Now even though we sometimes even miss the dress guidelines on invitations, every party certainly can't be theme out here all summer, can it? So where are all these costumes coming from? We thought Mr. Pink Elephant was the only one who donned one on a nightly basis, but we were definitely wrong. From cowboy outfits, to full length sequins, we've been wondering where some people come up with these things. Former Project Runway contestant Austin Scarlett is no exception to the rule...

    At the 16th Annual Watermill Center Summer Benefit, the fashion designer showed up in a time period themed outfit - we're just not sure which time period each piece was meant to be from... But with a flamboyant bow, and a straw hat, he definitely stood out among his more conservative party guests. Well, that's one way to get noticed.