Clothes Make The Crew

by KATHERINE KAPNICK · June 16, 2010

    We ran into this quintet of fabulousness at the opening of Serafina in East Hampton last Saturday. Their crisp khakis and white jeans, neatly-tucked oxfords and expertly matched accessories ensured that this crew stood out from the tightly-cramped masses, and, unlike some others (photo after the jump), they did so with style.


    Lets start our fashion analysis with the group's clear leader: second from left. He prepared the appropriate canvas for his sassy daytime look with some preppy basics: white trousers, a navy-button down and a summery, discreet wrap-around watch. Next, our king-bee added a punch of color, draping a Kelly green cashmere cable-knit nonchalantly around his fit shoulders. Doesn't Kelly green positively encapsulate the image of acres of sprawling, healthy lawns, unfolding before great mansions, looming magnificently against clear blue summer skies? Like in Atonement? We think so. Secondfromleft completes his look with some bright green Tod's loafers (naturally), a refreshing Cosmo and a smile charming enough to make us ignore his short sleeves and clashing greens.

    As for the others: minions wouldn't be minions without matching uniforms, and Kelly regulated his with an iron-fist (except the guy in the middle: he's interviewing). The oxfords are pastel and tucked-in; the trousers are khaki and belted. The sleeves are rolled and the collars unbuttoned just so. These roonies even have a haircut requirement. The perfect clique. Unlike this lost soul, who could certainly use some well-dressed backup:

    Yes, those are overalls and no, she's not wearing a shirt.