Clothes Make The 'Disgusting Behavior'

by SAMANTHA KANTOR · July 7, 2010

    Literally. At the Stadiumred July 4th Pool Party, this partygoer wore his emotions right on his sleeve, or should we say, head.

    Of course we all know, no pool party can be that awesome if people aren't showing some skin, and poolside partyers at the Stadiumred party did just that. We consider this look tres fashion forward, as the outfit boasts more accessories (clever hat, neon sunglasses, and most importantly, cold beer) than actual articles of clothing. Keeping it quasi-patriotic with the seeming red, white, and possibly blue swimsuit, this gentleman is rocking all kinds of style. And though we won't go into details of any specific 'disgusting behavior' at the poolside gathering, assume that the mixture of booze, beats, and beautiful people prompted some less than prudent displays from the attendees.