Clothes Make The Do-Gooder

by CARSON GRIFFITH · August 12, 2009

    [Picture by Steven Ekerovich] It was all fun and games per usual this past Saturday afternoon, but with an added bonus: A Do Good! for FEED event. And with this came an extra little twist on the usual dress for some people as well. One supporter rocked his "do good" shirt with more than just your average pair of jeans though. His 80s era patterned jacket is fit for a Patrick Bateman style trip to Miami. He's paired the perfectly matched combo with a pair or bright red shorts that practically look swiped off a lifeguard - but still somehow makes it work...

    Topped with a pair of wayfarers, the look screams "I'm here for the party". And with the "hang ten" symbol, we have a feeling he found his way straight to the rose.