Clothes Make The Tracy Feith Look-A-Like

by CARSON GRIFFITH · June 2, 2009

    Any well-respected fashion designer is always dressed for the occasion, so we wouldn't expect anything less from Tracy Feith - or a Tracy Feith look-a-like. Decked out in some laid-back duds for the Stephen Marley concert at The Surf Lodge this past Sunday, this guy had us almost convinced he was the fashion designing Surf Lodge regular. They both share the same long mane and happy-go-lucky attitude that had us doing double takes all night long. In ripped and worn denim and an army jacket complete with patches, this guy was totally prepped for the chilly weather. To top it off, his bright pink sunglasses were the perfect tool to keep his flowing locks out of his way when getting down to the reggae jams that kept going even after Stephen Marley departed from the stage. Just like the real Tracy Feith would have, this guy hit the nail on the head for mastering his Marley concert attire. He put our attempts to shame. Maybe next year. I plan on hitting up Screaming Mimi's in search of an army jacket like his immediately, and Kendra's already got the scissors to her jeans.

    [Picture by JT White]