Clothes Make The Girl

by KATHERINE KAPNICK · June 2, 2010

    We spotted this PYT jammin' to Ky Mani Marley (son of Bob) at Montauk's Surf Lodge on Sunday.

    The crop-top is generally not the most flattering trend of the summer (my rule: steer well clear unless your bottoms reach your rib cage/ beyond), but this exotic beauty makes it work by choosing the perfect cut and length. Extra tight belly-baring tops work on no one (let's please just take my word for it), but this flowy style looks laid-back and totally cool. This t-shirt also just about covers our "Clothes Make The Girl"'s naval, keeping her from looking like a slut overexposed.

    Pulling off crochet short-shorts = also no easy feat, but this girl makes it look like a piece of cake. The fabric gives the shorts a boho beachy vibe, while the dark, neutral color keeps them from looking like clown pants.

    Her long, tousled locks balance the look and are in keeping with her easy-going attitude. Finish with a few skinny bangles, rings and minimal make-up and this girl's got beach-chic-with-an-attitude down to a tee, without overdoing the nudity. Bravo, random girl. Bravo.

    [Photo by Rob Rich]