Clothes Make The "Knight"

by CARSON GRIFFITH · August 24, 2009

    [Photos by Adriel Reboh for PMc] By now you may have heard of Castlestock this past weekend, or even more likely, the man behind the madness, Sir Ivan, a fixture on the party scene in the Hamptons. If not, we're sure you've seen him around Lily Pond or the Social Life Estate or plenty of other places rocking his capes and elaborate outfits. We think this one may take the cake, fitting his Woodstock themed party perfectly. The psychedelic outfit was really brought out by the strobe lights used and was emphasized by a number of cape changes (both sporting large peace signs). Even though the majority of Sir Ivan's guests took part in the "mandatory flower" dress code, he by far won in the 60s/70s theme. We have to give him major credit - He may be the only person we've seen who can mix 3 patterns, a cape, and 25 colors, and make it work. Full coverage from Castlestock to come! More photos of Sir Ivan Below...


    Sir Ivan and Mina Otsuka ------- Sir Ivan and Cindy Blissit