Clothes Make The Patriot

by CARSON GRIFFITH · July 10, 2009

    [Alex Glen. Photo by KirillWasHere] You know, going through the hundreds of pictures we have from this past Holiday weekend has really got us thinking here at the GofG Hamptons headquarters. Why should the Fourth of July be the only day that sporting an outfit made-up entirely of red, white and blue be totally socially acceptable and downright fun? Why is it the only day that a grown man can run around in an American flag speedo and be considered the life of the party instead of that guy running around in an American flag speedo?

    We think that should all be changed. And Alex Glen, shown here in all his glory, looks like he agrees with us. Afterall, what's wrong with showing your patriotic spirit? So why not do it 365 days a year? So let's here it for red, white and blue themed outfits all year round! We'd advise saving those flag speedos for pool parties though - we're not quite sure how the office would feel about them. Even ours.