Clothes Make The Unexpected Guest

by SAMANTHA KANTOR · August 13, 2010

    Day & Night, at East Hampton Point, is usually home to the typical Hamptons champagne soaked wild child. And there were plenty of those last weekend. However, we also had something strange and new in our midst.

    This picture is just chock full of things we don't understand. First, we have the leggy and straight-to-the-point blond, whose shirt says it all. We're not sure if she got the memo, but generally, self-respecting famous people don't wear "F*** Me I'm Famous" apparel. Oddly enough, the other wardrobe option featured in the picture is actually more appealing. This woman is no spring chicken, but kudos to her for making it out to a wet and wild day party sporting a sheer hot pink tee and a skirt that screams bad acid trip. But who cares what she's wearing? We can only hope that we still have the motivation to party when we hit her age!