Clothes Makes The Couple

by CARSON GRIFFITH · July 31, 2009

    [Happy couple Susan Patricof and Alan Patricof. Picture by ADRIEL REBOH for PMc] Even though there was no dress code for the cocktail party at John and Jodie Eastman's for the New York Stem Cell Foundation, this duo took it upon themselves to make sure they were color coordinated. And we're not just talking about his jeans matching her navy stripes. Nope, these two matched right down to their identical bright pink sweaters, wrapped primly around their shoulders. Perfect for a cool evening - and when they need to find each other in a crowd. It looks like Susan wanted to go above and beyond with her outfit as well, and pulled it all together with a matching pink belt (nothing gets past our discriminating eyes!). Despite everyone at the Eastman's looking perfectly pulled together for the night's events, we may have to give the Patricof's the award for the cutest couple of the evening. We certainly didn't see anyone else with matching cable knits!