Cynthia Rowley "Popping Up" At The New And Improved Capri In Southampton

by Chelsea Burcz · April 26, 2011

    Last summer, Cynthia Rowley pleasantly surprised us with the debut of her tiny, surfer-esque boutique in Montauk. This year it only gets better - Rowley will be "popping up" at the Capri in Southampton and adding shades, handbags and shoes to the Cynthia Rowley for Roxy wetsuit collection, as well as specialty products like custom surfboards, Cynthia Rowley dishware and Mr. Powers men's wear to her ensemble of products. Rowley's new spot will stay true to the beach-side, small town feel it has in Montauk, and will have a variety of local promotions, along with hula-hooping contests, fashion, art, and beauty shopping events. While the Capri will provide laid-back luxury, Rowley's retail portion will have a touch of the rustic, offering visitors international papers and publications, custom-packaged candy, poolside board games and beach blankets, along with the Cynthia Rowley collection of course.

    Cynthia Rowley at the Capri is the retail component of the renovated Capri Hotel, which will join forces with the other new aspects, a new Nobu restaurant and The Bathing Club outdoors. Rowley will even be curating the art in the hotel's rooms and designing the graphic on the swimming pool floor! The Cynthia Rowley beach haven at the Capri opens Memorial Day weekend.

    @Cynthia_Rowley tweeted:

    "We're coming to Southampton this summer! Counting down the days until the boutique opens at Capri Hotel on Memorial Day"

    "our new menswear line, Mr. Powers, is launching this July!

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