'Double Exposure' Star Indrani Dishes On Her Hamptons Faves

by BRITTA LOFGREN · July 13, 2010

    If you were out on the Hamptons social circuit this weekend, chances are you saw RHoNY star and Hamptons regular Jill Zarin, accompanied by her newest sidekick and fellow Bravo star Indrani.  Taking a weekend to relax from shooting her new show Double Exposure, Indrani shared with us what she loves most about the Hamptons.

    The stunning photographer (and former model) didn't exactly have the typical Hamptons experience this weekend.  Staying with pal and fellow reality television star Jill Zarin from Real Housewives of New York City, she was seen out and about at events such as the exclusive open house at the Panoramic View Resort in Montauk.  So what was the star's favorite part of her Hamptons weekend?  In her own words:

    "I had a great time hanging out with some fascinating characters!"

    And as for the perfect day out east, the star says her ideal would be

    "Swimming, writing blogs in the sun, talking with artists about the meaning of life."

    We couldn't agree more!  Unfortunately, though, she'll be keeping so busy with shooting that she may not have time to make it out much more this summer.  She did mention, though, that she may bring her clients down for some beach shoots (and sun time!)

    Indrani, who started modeling at a young age and then ventured into the world behind the lens, is "thrilled to bring her experiences full circle."  She elaborates:

    "I learned so much as a model and working with the greatest photographers around the world, but I had no voice in the images that I was the subject of. As an artist I'm passionate about bringing everything to my viewer, the layers of truth, from a multiplicity of perspectives: from showing what makes each individual extraordinary through iconic ideals that are essential to provide inspiration, to the reality of the struggles to achieve this."

    The weekend was a welcomed breath of fresh air for Indrani, after a whirlwind of shooting for her new show, Double Exposure, which follows her and her partner, Markus Klinko in the ever-entertaining business of fashion photography.  So what's her favorite part of the show?

    "My favorite part of the show is tonight, with Gaga, as we create images together that to me really describe what she represents. My terror with Naomi Campbell, as anything I say turns out wrong. And next week, when I finally bring Markus to India to photograph the school I founded there with my father. I'm in tears every time I see it."

    Well then, we better be sure to check out tonight's episode!  Double Exposure airs every Tuesday at 11/10c on Bravo.

    [Photo 1 via Rob Rich, Gaga photos compliments of Double Exposure]