Dudes Wear Short-Shorts

by Kyle Langan · July 8, 2011

    This summer I've been all about this fashion trend - shorter shorts for us guys. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to hate on the "summer pants" option us males have suffered through since the early nineties, but it's a nice change of pace from the annoying fabric hanging down past my knees. It's hard to run, it's hot, and isn't summer supposed to be about "less is more" anyway?

    Kris Humphries rocks 'em. [Photo via]

    Let me just say that I'm not condoning a length that is too revealing either, (think Reno 911 or Richard Simmons) just an inch or two above the knee. Leave anything higher to womenswear.

    Not only is this fashion movement breezier and cooler below the belt, it also makes those of us who tragically are not over 6 feet tall appear taller, more leggy. We've all heard that girls have these weird "height requirements" they look for -- use this is as a way to cheat.

    What's more, now it's possible to hike up my bathing suit a tad while chilling on the beach and get a little color above the knee, which leads to a tanner, "sexier" version of myself. I mean, let's face it, everyone looks better with a tan.

    Celebs are embracing it too, which reassures me that I'm not the only dude running around the Hamptons looking like a tool. Come on guys, jump on this bandwagon with me, I like the look and I'm going to rock it! This is one "shortcut" I can get behind. I just hope it's not "short-lived", or that the trunks are in "short supply". Okay, I'm done.

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