GofG, President Of The Madewell Fan Club

by Maggie McGlinchy · June 10, 2011

    We're in love, we're in love! And we don't care who knows it! Madewell is one of our favorite stops in East Hampton and recently NYMag interviewed Madewell designer Kin Ying Lee, who says that street style is her main inspiration. Us too, Kin Ying Lee, but we prefer street style that incorporates Madewell, of course.

    When asked what every woman should have in their closet, Lee says,

    "I think that every girl should have a pair of jeans that she can go back in her wardrobe and pick up and know they fit so well, suit her body type, and are great in terms of her own personal style and her own world. I think that’s something that’s very important for us when we’re designing denim too within Madewell. We strive to make sure we cater to a different body type, or even to a person who isn’t just one note."

    Amen sista! We put together some of our favorites from this season, but really we love it all.

    1. Madewell Perfect Racerback Tank, $22, Buy HERE

    2. Madewell wool and the gang™ Stripy Coco Mariniere Pullover, $125, Buy HERE

    3. Madewell Wooly Sweatshirt Sweater, $60, Buy HERE

    4. Madewell Garment-dyed Midi Shorts, $65, Buy HERE

    5. Madewell Backroads Tank, $39.50, Buy HERE

    6. Madewell honeydew® intimates flower lace bralette, $32, Buy HERE

    7. Madewell The Crosswalk Sandal, $188, Buy HERE

    8. Madewell Wanderlust Angkor Friendship Bracelets, $12, Buy HERE

    9. Madewell Sun-Kissed Canvas Belt, $42, Buy HERE

    10. Madewell super™ sunglasses Blonde Havanna, $161, Buy HERE