Golf Fashions: A Guide Looking Good On The Green

by CHLOE POST · June 21, 2010

    Not sure what to wear to the Hamptons Golf Classic VI? It's okay, we got you covered. We took a look at some of the most memorable fashions in golf in the past couple years to get you inspired!

    Yesterday, Graeme McDowell closed with a 3-over 74 to become the first European in 40 years to capture the U.S. Open. The 30 year old and top-50 player in the world is now America's new national champion. In my opinion, its no coincidence the best-dressed man on the course won the title.

    Along with his inspiring victory against big names (i.e. Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els to name a few), McDowell is already setting fashion trends for this coming season. He's bringing back the classic 1950's V-neck Cardigan.

    Even though most fans were looking for a red, white and blue victory for the home-front, I think seeing an underdog come out on top was much more rewarding. Not to mention, to finally have a touch of classic European style integrated into Golf fashion is a step in the right direction. Keep it up G-mac!


    As always, a staple for Tiger Woods, is his red shirt for the final round of tournaments. A color he believes to symbolize assertion and aggressiveness. Although the obvious adulterous "scarlet letter" jokes can be made for his bold fashion choice, I'll refrain.

    He has definitely influenced other golfers to go for this color choice and yes, this lucky charm has been known to work in the past. It's safe to say Sunday Red's will always be a big part of golf history.

    So red isn't your color? That's alright we have plenty more options for you..




    This past spring, Phil Mickelson won his third green jacket in the 2010 edition of the US Masters after beating England's Lee Westwood by three shots. Mickelson always stands out with his classic style, with help from designers such as Tom Ford and Q'aja Couture.

    The green jackets symbolize ultra-exclusivity; maybe this snobbish attitude led him to a more polished look? Lately he has been sporting much more fitted clothes, with actual design lines that contour to his body. Maybe its just the fact that he is successful enough to have clothes custom-made... Either way, it's working for you Lefty, you work those button-downs. Now if a bold green blazer still doesn't do it for you, you can try our next golfer Ian Poulter's zany style.


    Of course, if we are talking about Golf fashion here, I HAVE to give a shout-out to the ever ballsy Ian Poulter. Always bold and colorful he never takes himself too seriously. Poulter really brings his own individual dynamic to the green. He has even sported the Spice Girl American Flag pants, that is a real man right there. And (understandably) if you can't handle all that pattern in one sitting then try to go for a more classic approach, like our next guy Ryan Moore...


    With his boyish good-looks, unconventional swing and unique attire, he gets my vote for most fashionable man on the golf course. Ryan isn't affiliated with any clothing sponsors, so he essentially gets to style himself.

    This past spring at the Augusta National, we saw Moore channeling the attire of founder Bobby Jones, wearing a tartan tie, complete with tie clip, tucked into a white dress shirt. He has also been sporting a skinny tie, and the classic combo of black and white. Ryan is definitely someone to look out for in the future; if not for his bizarre bogey moment then definitely for his impeccable style.

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    Images: YahooNews, Baltimore Sun, BBC, UPI Photo