Hamptons 101: A Prep's Guide To Summer Fashion

by Chelsea Burcz · May 13, 2011

    How lame is it when your guy shows up to Surf Lodge in Birkenstocks and cargo shorts? This is the Hamptons, not a hippy fest! We have for you the ultimate guide on taking your guy from drab to dapper - prep style. Here's the line-up...

    1. The swim trunk: The prep wears their trunk a little shorter than most males (but not as short as the Euro men). Here's a good look in red, white, and blue - your new prep will sure to please.

    2. The bowtie: To the prep, a bow tie can be worn on many more occasions than the human mind can conceive; out for drinks, to brunch, on a sailboat.

    3. The chino: These slacks say to everyone, "I'm charming."

    4. The deck sneaker: Sporty and comfortable, the deck sneaker is simple but an American classic.

    5. The aviators: For the cool prep, these sunnies are perfect for a day out on the yacht.

    6. And of course, the ultimate summer men's accessory, the spatula.