Hamptons Summer Style: Fruit Frenzy

by Maggie McGlinchy · May 19, 2011

    Some spring trends will just just never go away (floral, pastel, etc.) but this season fruits are the apple of our eye. Check out these fashionably fruity picks!

    1. Stella McCartney and Prada both displayed their spring harvest on the runway.

    2. Freshly squeezed footwear brought to you by Camper Twins:

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    3. Topshop and Asos both decided the apple was their fruit du jour:

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    4. These charming juice glasses would complete any breakfast set-up:

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    5. If you thought Angry Birds was addicting, wait till you play Fruit Ninja:

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    6. Stationary can be seasonal too! Add some produce to your correspondence.

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    [Images via ELLE]