Interview: Beyond Creative Designer Cynthia Rowley Talks Collaborations, Momofuku Milk Bar, Beaches And Much More

by Dena Silver · June 25, 2012

    Just call her the mother of collaboration, because Cynthia Rowley has been joining forces with her peers to coordinate and create her own version of almost every item you could imagine. In the past Cynthia has worked with Colette, Roxy, Birchbox and even Pampers but most recently, Cynthia has released goods in partnership with Tweezerman and Band Aid making your beauty regime more fashionable than ever.

    When not taking the world of collabs by storm, Cynthia is busy designing and running an empire of clothing, under her namesake, Cynthia Rowley. Her clothing can be founds in various department stores, but she also has her own stores all across the nation, including two right here in the Hamptons.

    Located in the Capri Hotel, right off of Route 27 as you enter into Southampton, is her hotel shop that sells her summer collection in addition to necessities for hotel guests and those visiting the Capri Pool. Travel further down 27, and you'll find Cynthia's next boutique, located right in the middle of Montauk town.

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    Cynthia and her husband Bill are true Montauk fans, as they have been for years, preferring to flee the city every weekend for the quiet beach side town. Cynthia can often be found hanging out at her Montauk shop, or on the beach with her husband Bill Powers and her two daughters. Just what beaches will you find them at is a mystery though, because that's one secret Cynthia will never tell.

    You've done so many collaborations in the past, what motivates you to seek new partnerships?

    The great thing about collaborations is that all the parties involved have something special to offer and work hard to bring the collective vision to light. No one can be good at everything individually, so when you pool your talents, everybody learns and everybody wins.

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    Any new collaborations you can give us some information about?

    We love working with our friends at Johnson & Johnson. We just launched the new Beach Sport Kit - definitely a summer essential!

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    Of all restaurants, why did Momofuku pop-up next to the Montauk store?

    We wanted to introduce our customers to all the delicious coffee and treats they have to offer- we thought it would be a great fit in Montauk. We love the product, and we love the people! There’s a reason it’s called crack pie.

    Any other surprises we can expect when visiting your Montauk store?

    We have the shack in the back with a curated section of Exhibition A prints and collectible books.

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    What would be your ideal day in Montauk?

    In the morning I walk the cliffs with my two girls. Bill meets us in town for breakfast. We usually spend the day at the beach, and later enjoy a little nighttime barbeque block party with all our new neighbors.

    What is your favorite surf spot, or if you don't want to reveal that secret, what are your favorite beaches to visit?

    I don’t even want to give THAT away! From Quogue to the Montauk lighthouse, each town has its own fantastically beautiful public beach. It depends what you’re in the mood for. For quiet day [I prefer] the beaches in Amagansett [but] for more of a scene Ditch Plains in Montauk or Main Beach in East Hampton. The absolute best time at the beach is at sunrise. I’ll let you decide whether that’s right before you go to bed or right when you wake up.