Interview With Nutritionist Layne Lieberman:The Do's And Don'ts Of Summer From The Healthy Eating Guru And Hamptons Local

by Adam Bertrand · June 5, 2009

    [Layne Lieberman] The sun may not be shining over the East End right now but it HAS to return at some point and we will be bathing suit ready when it does, as should you. We had the chance to chat with nutritional expert and fellow Hamptonite Layne Lieberman, who between creating recipes for Westhampton's Baby Moon Restaurant and lending her expert tips to and the Produce for Better Health Foundation, gave the GofGHamptons team some great tips on what to do and what NOT to do while heading to the beach in the Hamptons this summer. Click below for Layne's advice on the perfect summer meal, low calorie cocktails, and how to look your best in your favorite summer dress...You're low-fat, low-carb menu options for Baby Moon's menu all seem amazing but unexpected as diet-conscious items. Baked Ziti?! Vegetable Pizza?! What are some secrets to eating foods you love without sacrificing your waistline?

    All of the menu items focus on two important factors for health and weight control: more fiber and less fat. We sneak a variety of veggies into a majority of the items. Non-starchy veggies have a load of nutrients, fill you up and are less caloric than other foods. As for the baked ziti, we offer a healthy-take on the traditional using a whole wheat ziti, low fat mozzarella and a homemade tomato sauce that's not full of oil. The Veggie Pizza is a whole wheat crust, with chopped veggies and low fat mozzarella. You can also order a salad pizza without the cheese. Baby Moon prides itself on using the best, natural ingredients. They take care in the preparation of the healthy menu items so that portion and ingredients are made just right! We worked hard on perfecting the recipes for both taste and healthfulness. This was a huge commitment from John Gambino, the owner of Baby Moon. I do random checks to make sure that the recipes are being followed. A favorite of carnivores: turkey meatballs made with white meat only!

    We are currently on the hunt for the perfect cocktail, delicious yet low in calories. Any suggestions? Vodka with a splash of fresh OJ.... followed by a glass of sparkling water (helps prevent dehydration).

    What's your favorite meal for summer time in the Hamptons? Grilled seasonal vegetables, local fish and a hearty grain. If you have fresh ingredients, very little has to be done in the preparation. Use fresh herbs from your garden and fresh juices to marinate or bake. Oh, and visit Wild By Nature in Hampton Bays, for take-out!

    If you're going out on the town, what are the best items to eat that day to look your best in a dress that night? Drink plenty of water, avoid salty foods, and don't eat processed carbohydrates. Natural diuretics like fruits and salads are good ideas (be aware of the dressings). Try a smoothie for breakfast that can include yogurt, fresh fruit, soy milk and natural nut butter or flax seeds.

    Are there any foods that people mistake as beneficial that really aren't, or foods that people really should avoid? There are no good or bad foods, just better choices. There is a big conversation to be had about this topic.

    At Guest of a Guest we love our treats. What's an ejoyable summer dessert that's still low calorie? My favorite is angel food cake topped with fresh berries and yogurt.

    What's your #1 tip for getting bathing suit ready ths summer? Balance exercise with good nutrition and stay steady rather than yo-yo diet. Avoid extreme measures like starvation or the newest fad diet. Remember that diet is a way of eating, make it a way of life!

    Baby Moon restaurant, Westhampton