Is AXE Fever Taking Over New York? Or Just Adrien Field?

by CARSON GRIFFITH · June 11, 2009

    Unless you've been hiding under a lawn chair out here,  you pretty much know by now that Dune is officially AXE Lounge at Dune, and it is indeed referring to the musky man spray. But while we thought that this was a trend, and a sponsorship, that wouldn't last past the season  (we may have had our fingers crossed behind our backs), it looks like it may not be going anywhere anytime soon. On his self-named website,, the "freelance fashion writer, stylist and on camera fashion correspondent" (hey, big things come in small packages!), wrote about his recent experience with the cougar-inducing cologne...

    AXE invited a select group of men’s lifestyle bloggers to the world-renowned Givaudan Perfume Atelier—where some of the most popular and famous fragrances have been conceived—to learn about the new AXE “Instinct” fragrance.

    For those of you who don't know anything about the Givaudan Perfume Atelier, let me briefly fill you in... The 300 year old company has two fine fragrance studios in New York and Paris. Yes, fine. Their perfume atelier is known for working with the world's best perfumers. Celebrities, fashion houses, designers. The company works with consumer products too - so doesn't AXE fall more into that category than Givuadan's usual fragrance clientale? Looks like we'll have to check back in with Adrien Field at a later date to find out. Maybe he'll like AXE's "Instinct" so much  he'll be drenched it at every social event he pops up at all over Manhattan and the Hamptons this summer. Well, we know one sure way to tell: If the cougars start chasing him. Or we see him in line at AXE lounge this weekend. We have a feeling neither of those are very likely though.

    AXE invades the Givaudan Perfume Atelier in New York City. Picture via