Jasmin Rosemberg Tells Us How The Other Half Hamptons

by Adam Bertrand · June 4, 2008

    Go HERE for our interview with Jasmin Rosemberg in full.

    We’re more than a bit in awe of Jasmin Rosemberg. At twenty-three, the bubbly Brooklynite bunked Standard & Poor, landed herself a column at the New York Post chronicling her Hamptons share house experience, and lived to write the bacchanalian tale. A slew of reporting gigs and media spotlights ensued (Life & Style, BlackBook, Page Six, VH1), as did a novel, out June 25th. How the Other Half Hamptons reads like Animal House 2.0: The Hamptons, with all the delicious cultural references and sartorial digs its location necessitates. In our current SATC-crazed enviroment, we can’t help but draw comparisons to another, fictional NYC columnist, for while Rosemberg’s fashion sense may be a tad less eccentric, she’s just as endearing. We got the dish on Park Slope childhoods, old-school literary brat-packers, and what should be in every share houser’s suitcase.