Joe Fresh Opens In East Hampton

by Kyle Langan · July 11, 2011

    Due to the Hamptons' increasing popularity, they are not only luring in vacationing NYC folk, but they have also piqued interest abroad. Kind of.  Canadian based clothing retailer, Joe Fresh, has decided to set up shop in East Hampton. The brand itself boasts the preppy, casual look that the Hamptons are famous for, so the pairing seems like a perfect fit.

    Prices for apparel range from only $4-$69, so the clothing is affordable and can make you look like another vacationing socialite as you strut down Main Street or lounge on the beach.

    However, perhaps the greatest perk of this store opening is that Joe Fresh is offering FREE pedicab rides to the beach AND free Coolhaus ice cream.  Free ice cream?  Sign me up!  I'll buy a pair of those plaid shoes for two scoops of mint chocolate chip any day.

    Congratulations Joe Fresh, you have found our weakness.  Welcome to the Hamptons.