Men's Trend Watch Thanks To... Navy Beach?

by Maggie McGlinchy · June 17, 2011

    Ladies and gentlemen (mostly ladies who are dressing gentlemen) I have big news from the fashion world. Robert Graham shirts have arrived! Well they actually arrived a while ago - and I know what you're thinking. "This is it? She's excited about some button down?" Well, let me tell you, this is not your typical button down gentlemen. No, no this is a "restaurant shirt".

    No this does not mean that they are used in restaurants as part of their uniform, this means that that have achieved to be that happy medium between a formal button down and your classic (frat favorite) polo. I'm sure you guys have really been concerned bout this for a while now, so I am happy to be the one to tell you (along with the New York Times) that your style prayers have been answered! They are the pioneers of a whole new men's fashion frontier and we can thank Kristina Davis, owner of Navy Beach, for giving the New York Times a tip on the funky threads.

    Here are some of my favorites:

    For the bro who isn't afraid to get down with pastel

    The stitching kind of reminds me of chest hair? No?

    This disco-esque print requires the owner to be ready to boogie on the dance floor

    Maybe wear this one before you take tons of acid? Just kidding...kind of

    Embrace you're inner prep (it's only natural out east) with this shirt, maybe on the July 4th?