Southampton's Shopping Guide To Bags

by AMANDA MELILLO · June 5, 2008

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    With every upcoming season there are new ideas and designs, bags being one of the fastest changing of all. For those with the need to keep up on trends there are three stores in Southampton that are sure to grab attention and do the job! So jump on that good ol’ designer bandwagon and check out these hot stores!

    1. Renaissance Boutique 42 Main Street 631.287.6320

    2. Willy Nilly East 71 Jobs Lane 631.665.5510

    3. Saks Fifth Avenue 1 Hampton Road 631.329.3500

    For the rest of the fashion hungry that don’t have quite the same deep wallets as we would like (a.k.a. students like moi) there are these wonderful little helpers:

    1. Collette’s 89 Jobs Lane 631.283.1867

    2. Around Again Long Wharf 631.725.4067

    [Info found on Hamptons]