Suit Up!

by CARSON GRIFFITH · June 16, 2009

    [Picture via Really Bored] So even though I usually use my fashion prowess to bring our readers a bathing suit I believe worthy of their hard-earned cash, we thought this time around it might be nice to take Suit Up! in a different direction just this once. Because while browsing the internet this morning, I found a suit we would just love to own for obvious reasons. 1. It would keep us entertained for hours. 2. It's the perfect conversation starter. Can you imagine the talks you could have over a bottle of Rose with complete strangers at Day & Night in this thing? 3. We're not quite sure if you can get it wet, but it doesn't really matter in this weather anyway. So if you know where we can get our little paws on this highly amusing get-up swimsuit, email us: And if you see three girls laying out on Cooper's Neck Beach in this beauty before summer's over, you know we struck gold.