Suit Up!

by CARSON GRIFFITH · August 3, 2009

    Didn't get to Super Saturday in between hitting the beach and the polo this past weekend? No need to fret, you didn't miss out on all the good deals. It's that time of year retailers are practically giving things away and trying to rid their shelves (virtual or real) of summer's inventory to make room for fall goodies. Remember this Pucci bikini I fawned over in my beach bag? Thanks to the awesomeness of mid-summer sales (I refuse to say the words "end" and "summer" in the same sentence), the Pucci bikini I was once willing to shell out a cool $320 for, you can now get your hands on for a mere $160. Yep, that's half the price. So even if you didn't get to dig through the same piles as Blake Lively or run your sweaty palms through Rachel Zoe's racks on Saturday, you can still score this suit for the season's last month's beach runs at a pretty steep discount.

    [Suit Up!]