Suit Up!

by CARSON GRIFFITH · September 9, 2009

    [Picture via Blue & Cream] Sweatsuit, that is. Because it was jacket weather this morning, not only out here, but in Manhattan as well, so we hear. Where has our precious summer gone?! Well, we refuse to reform just yet. And while we are about to make our way back to the concrete jungle of NYC in just a few hours and immerse ourselves in the chaos that is Fashion Week madness, we still refuse to give up on our summer memories. So go on and throw on this head-to-toe Lamptons sweatsuit from Blue & Cream. Yes, the sweatpants and the hoodie. Because this suit will serve as a great reminder all winter long of all those other days this summer you played around in a different type of suit - the type you can swim in. And all we gotta say is - at least it's not a business suit.

    [Suit Up!]