The Guy's Guide To Summer Fashion

by Kyle Langan · July 13, 2011

    Summer in the Hamptons of course comes with many fashion choices. When you absolutely must peel yourself off the beach and are forced to throw on some clothes, you got to make sure you're doing it right, guys. Here are some do's and don't's for not looking like a complete fool...

    1. Shoes: I am a huge proponent of flip-flops; I live in them, but sometimes they just aren't appropriate.  When some opt against their flops, they instead commit footwear suicide, as follows...

    [via] No man should ever be seen like this.

    [via] Or like this.

    [via] And I think it's time to retire the Jesus sandals.

    Solution?  Sperrys!  They're comfortable and more durable than flip flops and rest assured you'll turn heads.


    2. Checkers: Now there is a fine line between plaid shirts and checkered ones.  Plaid is great.  Checkered is not.  Unless you're aspiring to look like a summer tablecloth, leave the checks at home!  If you lie down on the lawn for a minute, you might find someone start eating off of your chest.

    [via] See what I mean?

    3.  Cowboy Hats: We're in the Hamptons, not Kentucky. Cowboys hats just don't leave much to be desired.  You look tacky and out of place.

    [via] Need I say more?

    [via] Do you get the image these hats conjure up?

    Solution?  A cool straw hat!  Lifeguards rock 'em, so they have that whole beach vibe going for them.  Plus, they're fun and keep you cool.  I mean check out this guy, he's loving life!


    Follow these few summer rules and you'll be fine!