The Hamptons Look For Under A Hundred

by CARSON GRIFFITH · June 24, 2009

    [Picture via Fashion4Life] We're not going to lie. Pretty much everything in the Hamptons is overpriced. But that doesn't mean everything in your wardrobe has to be. And while I despise the overused and ridiculous word "recessionista", the concept behind it is a good one. Here's our suggestions for how to get a casual look that's not going to break the bank, but still looks like you invested more than what you'd pay for a meal at Savanna's. The best part? You can worry more about enjoying your summer than messing up your summer attire - whether it be with sand or champagne.

    This classic striped shirtdress from Gap is not only a great deal because of it's sale price of $43.99, but because it's of versatility. Casual enough to toss on as a bathing suit cover-up, but perfect as a brunch dress, we'd also suggest pairing it with a pair of platforms for a low-key night out. The white shows off a summer tan, but the light blue stripe adds an extra touch. Machine washable and 100% cotton, no need to worry about a little salt-water and sand either.

    Total: $43.99

    Also a great way to transition from the beach to brunch or a day of shopping is with a carry-all like this bird print core tote from Target for $12.99. Another example of a washable item, cotton is key when you're filling your tote with summer essentials like sunscreen. The seagull print reminds us of the birds that flock to our own beach, and the blue goes nicely with the shirt dress we've already selected.

    Total: $56.98

    Havaianas have always been inexpensive, sturdy, and the go-to beach sandals for everyone from surfers to celebrities (Nicole Richie lived in them for all of Summer '06 practically). We like the way these navy ones bring the darker blues out in our birdie bag, but Shopbop also has them for the same discounted price in a silver or white color - both shades we think would go nicely with our ensemble as well.

    Total: $73.78

    Even though we love a good pair of sunglasses, let's admit it: They're not always the most practical investment. Especially when they can get tossed around in a car or bag and scratched by sand in those summer months. And although I love a good pair of pricey over-sized frames for my hung-over days, when I'm using my sunnies for a headband just as much I am to shade the rays, I'd prefer a cheap pair when they're bound to get beat up. That's why I love Fred Flare and these $11 aviators. Nothing like a classic look for a street fair price.

    Total: $84.78

    We often have a bone or two to pick with Forever 21. They're not the best about coming up with their own ideas, and they seem to keep landing themselves in the courtroom due to copyright lawsuits. (Remember those Trovata shirts? Complete rip-off. *Shutter*) But this crochet scarf is just so classic and cheap-chic, we'll overlook the fact that it comes from the House of All Copycats - and that it's 97% rayon. Regardless, we think it would be perfect as a head wrap, especially for those of us trying to shade our highlights from the sun's rays, and when not in use, would look cute tied around the handle of our tote. And for $7.80, it's definitely worth a try.

    Total: $92.58

    So there you have it. It IS possible to put together an entire summer look, Hamptons appropriate, from head to toe, without maxing out your credit card (we hope). Even if a little summer dress and head wrap may not be your thing, let the proof lie in the purchase - it CAN be done. So next time you think you need to forgo a night out for next weekend's outfit, give in, my friend. Just whatever you do, don't use the word "recessionista", okay?

    Gap classic striped shirt-dress, Target bird print core tote, Havaianas in navy, Fred Flare aviators, and Forever 21 crochet scarf: GRAND TOTAL: $92.58