The Maybelline & Garnier Surf Salon Glam Up Montauk One Celeb At A Time

by CARSON GRIFFITH · August 28, 2009

    [Make-up artist Kerry Malouf and Savannah Buffett. Photos by K. Doran for Rob Rich] So where have celebs like Kat DeLuna, Khloe Kardashian, Savannah Buffett, and Alexandra Richards been getting all dolled up when they've head out to the Hamptons? The Maybelline and Garnier Surf Salon at The Surf Lodge, thanks to celeb hair stylist Danny DiMauro and make-up artist Kerry Malouf. With full blown coverage everywhere from Star, OK! Magazine, PMc and right here, it's the summer hotspot for hair, make-up and trying out the latest in Maybelline and Garnier's products. We got the star treatment last Friday (the day before Savannah got the works)... and discovered that these two are just as sweet as they are talented. Stay tuned for full coverage of Danny and Kerry, the salon, and our personal make-overs!

    Savannah Buffett and stylist Danny DiMauro

    Savannah Buffett tries out some new products