It All Started In The Hamptons... Paul McCartney Engaged To Nancy Shevell!

by Chelsea Burcz · May 9, 2011

    Sir Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell have recently announced their engagement after four years of courtship! The couple met while vacationing in the Hamptons back in 2007 - and since then have been spending summers together out East. So where will this high profile couple wed? We are keeping our fingers crossed for our very own royal wedding, Hamptons style! We examine the evidence that supports our prediction.

    1. Not only did the couple meet in the Hamptons, but they also shared their first kiss captured on camera in a truck in East Hampton!

    2. The couple sees the Hamptons as a place to relax and have fun, the kind of atmosphere you want for a wedding.


    3. They both have amazing homes not far from one another, great for housing friends and family.

    Paul McCartney's Hamptons home in Amagansett

    Nancy Shevell's getaway in East Hampton