Kelly Will's V1 Fantasy Becomes A Gourmet Reality

by KENDRA SEAY · June 26, 2008

    kelly in V1 jetfrom

    This week our worldly traveler spills the dirt on V1 seaplanes and Sam Talbot...

    Dreams do come true...this week I hopped a V1 Jet seaplane to Montauk...with Sam Talbot. (You know, the Surf Lodge chef - who just happens to be very handsome in addition to his talents in the kitchen.) It's not everyday I get a morning phone call offering me a flight from NYC to Montauk, a trip that with zero traffic takes 3 hours! I am blessed with good friends and they always think of me, so off I went to 23rd street and the East River to meet my pilot and board my 40 minute flight to the Hamptons. I arrived to see a perfectly safe and moderately-sized seaplane drifting in the water.