Lehman Brothers And Louis Vuitton: Together At Last On Fire Island

by MADDY MADISON · June 13, 2008

     On the way to Fire Island last night, I surveyed the crowd as I dreamt of waterside dinners and the glorious quiet that only an island with a no-car policy can offer. Aboard the ferry, however, I came to the distinct realization that I wasn't really escaping the masses and madness. I was just in closer proximity to their neuroticism.

    First, there was the hedge funder whose preferred method of reaching serenity was by shouting into his phone that "if it drops below 2 million, then just sell it damn it!" You could almost feel the collective gag reflex among the ferry passengers.

    Then, I looked down in front of me and finally admitted to myself that sitting behind the Lehman and Louis couple did not bode well for the non-Manhattanite quotient. And it ain't even season yet.