Love Is EVERYWHERE, If You Are OPEN To It!

by GofG Public · May 29, 2008

    Didn't get any love from a shorty at the Talkhouse? Someone didn't try to grind on you at Dune? No one cozied up to you at La Playa? NO problem. If opportunities for love or even a french style kiss fell short last weekend, rest assured the weekend is NOT officially over until you throw your bag down on your apartment floor. There are, after all, opportunities on the trip home. Or the trip there for that matter. A few weeks ago before the Summer '08 season even began a handsome "married" gent sat next to me on the Hampton Jitney going out east.

    We had a nice conversation and as we neared Southampton the conversation got a bit more friendly - and as I like it, it was all about me. What great style I have, I probably have nice legs, blah blah blah. Wait, was this man hitting on me? I gave him my card to promote GofG of course and by Sunday I had an offer to be his travel companion on the Jitney ride home. A few days after that, I got an offer to "pick up" some books from his office, of which he told me were 'steamy and sexual in nature'. I never did pick up those books but what if I did? Could it be that the Jitney is the hot new pick up spot to meet in the closet wealthy married men? What if he were straight and single: Jackpot! Isn't that like every woman on JDATE's dream? This past Monday, after a nice long memorial day weekend I decided to take the train - it's well lit so that you can actually read Social Life, Hamptons, Hamptons Style, etc. on the train. The Jitney has these little pin lights, so its impossible to read at night. So we love the train! I got into a cab at Penn station to head back to my hood and my cute little Indian cab driver started talking to me. He asked what I did for a living and if I make enough money to support a family. ARE you kidding? What family? I'm coming home from Penn Station by myself on a Monday night at 11:45pm, did he think my wife and kids were at home in my tiny 5th floor Nolita walk up? I barely make enough money to afford myself! My clothes and accessories are MY family! Then he asked if I had a girlfriend? HMMM, are we honestly playing this game? Guys like me who have hair like this are NOT straight! Somewhere between 23rd street and 14th street HE started hitting on me. Now asking if I had a boyfriend and he kept looking back at me (Eyes on the Road please). When I explained that I was not available we got to talking about how I'm slim and how my cholesterol is LOW because I eat well. Cute and LOW cholesterol, he must really have been into me. But this was not going any further. So I just want you all to know, there IS hope out there. In the Hamptons, in the clubs, on the streets, in the buses, in the trains, in the cabs. It’s out there if you believe! And if I meet someone nice for you, I will send them your way.