MDW 2008

by COLLEEN KROPP · May 23, 2008

     I have always been an ardent lover of Memorial Day Weekend. For the past five years or so, the holiday has even warranted its own distinguishing acronym, as it has become ever more deeply entrenched in our yearly excitement. MDW carries with it an air of hope – it signals (albeit not technically, since the summer solstice doesn't actually come until June) the beloved beginning of summer – grilling, going down the shore, strolling through the park, having a picnic – all of the activities that were not possible in early springtime are inducted back into our routines with the onset of MDW.

    I myself am making my yearly pilgrimage to the Jersey shore with my highschool friends (yes, the tradition rooted itself in my soul back then) where we will participate in Bruce Springsteen sing-a-longs, burgers and hotdogs, and good ole nostalgic banter. As far as the intrinsic meaning of the holiday is concerned – don't forget that it began in memory of those who fought in the American Civil War, and this commemoration carries through to today and extends to all of our American troops who have died during their military service.

    No matter where you are – down the shore, the city, the suburbs – make MDW yours and enjoy it. And if you can start up your own Springsteen sing-a-long, by all means, be my guest.