"Best $2K I Ever Spent" The Wild And Weird At E2NY In Photos

by Chelsea Burcz · August 8, 2011

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    We know music festivals are all about dressing up like a looney toon and dancing around in mounds of mud. However, we saw some things at Escape To New York that may even surprise the most well versed festival goer...

    The Ravers

    Let's start off with the obvious: The crazy raver with the hot pink bonnet or onsie that you can totally point and laugh at when you're sober, but then suddenly befriend after having one to many. They are so nice, aren't they!? Always smiling and happy... oh wait, it's just from the drugs, isn't it?

    The Panda Pit

    This grossed me out. I don't enjoy the idea of a bunch of smelly muddy adults "chillaxing" in a pool of little stuffed pandas, there's something disturbing about it. Anyway, it was silly to look at...

    Interesting Headgear

    It seemed that a consensus of people decided Escape To New York was a good place to show off their most interesting head gear. Here were just a couple of my favorite choices:


    Grinding was a surprisingly common sight while at Escape To New York (Am I naive? Why does this still surprise me?). These kids were bumpin' and grindin' like it ain't nobody's business. Shorty got low, low, low, low...

    ...and somehow this kid pulled a two for one deal.

    Finding Waldo

    There was a troop of (I'm assuming) friends dressed up like the incognito character. At times they would split up, resulting in photos like this:

    How funny is that? It really looks like the book! Nice job, guys.

    Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros lead singer jumping into the crowd

    Like I said, this set was the highlight of my Escape To New York experience. Being quite the rambunctious band, lead singer Alexander Ebert jumped off the tall stage and over the photo pit and directly into the crowd. The girls up front were shitting themselves. No really.