Matthew McConaughey Shares Mishka With Montauk For Surf Lodge Patron Concert Series

by KENDRA SEAY · June 25, 2009

    [All photos via Rob Rich]

    Did you know Matthew McConaughey had a record label? Neither did we. Obviously, we were aware of his love for playing the bongos but who knew he had a knack for signing artists. The first artist signed to J.K. Livin Records, Mishka, described as "Bob Marley meets Finley Quaye meets Neil Young meets Sublime meets John Butler meets Joni Mitchel" fit right in with the chilled out Surf Lodge vibe Saturday night as part of their 2009 Patron Concert Series. After spending his early life living on a boat in the Carribean and topping charts in Britain and Japan, Mishka was ready to take on Montauk and Surf Lodgers were certainly glad he did.