Memory Making Party Songs

by Anna Lombardi · August 24, 2011

    Summer is coming to an end, but the parties are just heating up! You know you have made it safely into after hours when there are few things going on around you...

    1. You can smell the sticky beer on the wood floor of your late night stop off.

    2. Your once tame hair is now wavy and damp with dance sweat.

    3. Your heels have officially made your feet sore.

    4. You have at least 3 new contacts in your phone, none of which have an actual name but rather description, like "hottie Serafina" or "douche from Ruschmeyer's."

    5. You are getting ready to call it a night and then you hear one of these classics that makes your heart warm and puts a smile on your face. When you hear one of these songs at a later time, you are brought back to "that night" of summer, and each time they happen a new memory is made.

    We made a list of some songs of summer that might bring you back to a special summer memory:

    Come On Eileen, Dexy's Midnight Runners

    Africa, Toto

    Love Shack, B-52's

    Pour Some Sugar On Me, Def Leopard

    Take On Me, A-Ha

    Livin On A Prayer, Bon Jovi

    Sweet Caroline, Neil Diamond

    Hungry Like A Wolf, Duran Duran

    Take Me Home Tonight, Eddie Money

    Hooked On A Feeling, Blue Swede

    Build Me Up Buttercup, The Foundations

    What are your favorite, classic memory making songs? Tweet them to us @gofghamptons!