Summer Song Of The Day: Tropical Moonlight

by KENDRA SEAY · August 18, 2009


    Artist: Domino

    Song: Tropical Moonlight

    If there was ever a song that could make you want to relax with your feet in the sand under the moonlight while simultaneously making you want to dance the night away by a bonfire, this would be that tune. Domino's soothing voice against the drum beats never made "going away from the city life" sound so good...


    If you look at me baby I will look at you If you're good to me baby I'll be good to you.

    I think you're old fashioned And you think I'm a tramp, But are you just gonna sit there And watch me as I dance.

    You say you're so perfect and pretty I'm taking you with me Going away from the city life Baby God will help us * And everyone will be jealous Cause someday we'll be throwing rides.

    I could be such a wonder And you could be such a monster Baby I don't want to fight I don't care where we go I don't care if they know I just want to be by your side In the tropical moonlight.

    What's it gonna be baby? What's it gonna be? If I'm good to you You better be good to me.

    Now that I'm at these dance I won't get so serious I just want to have fun Cause I'm young and curious.

    Gone into madness I'm a mayhem And a triumph for blood. I want you babe Again and again Whenever I wake up.