Summer Song Of The Day: Walking On A Dream

by CARSON GRIFFITH · July 13, 2009


    Artist: Empire Of The Sun

    Song: Walking On A Dream

    We all have really different taste in music here at GofG Hamptons . Kristin loves techno (and I mean LOVES it), Kendra digs more underground, Brooklyn-esque, Rachelle just recently discovered Pandora, and while I pretty much download any song they play on Gossip Girl without (too much) embarrassment, I've been known to scour up an original song here and there......Usually thanks to a friend's suggestion. But I think Walking On A Dream has enough variety in the beats to cover us all - even Kristin's weirdo techno fetish. If not, at least the lyrics are good enough for everyone to enjoy.


    Walking on a dream hmmm How can I explain Talking to myself Will I see again

    We are always running for the thrill of it thrill of it Always pushing up the hill searching for the thrill of it On and on and on we are calling out and out again Never looking down I’m just in awe of what’s in front of me

    Is it real now When two people become one I can feel it When two people become one

    Thought I’d never see The love you found in me Now it’s changing all the time Living in a rhythm where the minutes working overtime

    Catch me I’m falling down Catch me I’m falling down

    Don’t stop just keep going on I’m your shoulder lean upon So come on deliver from inside All we got is tonight that is right till first light