Off Their Rockers.

by guestofaguest · November 26, 2007

    black friday

    This is the only way we can describe the hordes of people lining up outside of stores hours and hours before their openings to make sure they would get a piece of the "Black Friday" specials. And if you thought New Yorkers were different than the average American super idiots think again. We saw LINES of people forming at stores such as Best Buy in the city on Thanksgiving Day! We don't know whether to be completely ashamed of sharing a gene pool with people that chose to stand on street corners for days in order to save a couple hundred bucks on a flat screen, or be thankful that we have such groups to help pick up our dollar's worth, if at least for a couple weeks. This year, Black Friday sales beat forecasts, up 8.3% from last year.

    We still just don't get what is going on in the brain's of these poor souls. What could they possibly be saving that could ever justify putting themselves through this madness? We have nothing to tell our friends from other countries when they ask us about the strange behaviors American's participate in on Black Friday. We have no answer for them except that it can't be THAT much of a surprise in a country that has held a reputation for making some less than thought-out-ahead-of-time decisions (hello, Bush re-election!) All we can offer is that everyone goes off their rockers now and may need to use this as a comfort to move past the fact that YOU or a LOVED ONE actually participated in such mayhem....

    P.S. Do you think people that participate in Black Friday Madness feel the slightest bit stupid? How about the days after when they realize that almost everything they waited in line for is the same price as when they bought it?