Reason #582 You Aren't Missing Out On Much From Montauk

by guestofaguest · June 23, 2011

    Planking at Gurney's Inn, Montauk. [Photo via PJ Monte]

    Planking? Are you kidding me? You can do this for free at your local beer garden and save yourself the $10 grand this summer.

    Haven't you heard? Montauk is like the HIPPEST place on this side of the Mississippi. Aren't you so bummed that you missed out on your chance at a Summer share house in Montauk this year? No?

    You mean you aren't itching with envy over the missed lobster rolls from Cyril's? Good, then this new series is for you! Check back weekly, we're sure to find more reasons from our sister site, for you to be thankful that you didn't make enough money at your "social media specialist" job to warrant you to splurge for that Montauk share house.

    Planking? Are you kidding me? You can do this in Central Park and save yourself the $10 grand.