Eleven Madison Park’s Hamptons Pop-Up To Be The Toughest Reservation Of The Summer

by Christie Grimm · February 21, 2017

    Just because they're closing down on June 9th for a summer of renovations doesn't mean the folks over at Eleven Madison Park will be taking it easy. They'll be doing what every other well-off New Yorker has in mind - heading out East.

    In late June, they'll open up a small seasonal satellite inside an East Hampton farmhouse, with another dining room pitched under a tent, and - because it's the Hamptons - an outdoor seating area as well. While the fine dining, suit and tie establishment may be famous for its tasting menus, high ticket price and formal vibe, something tells us their new spot will veer a bit more towards the casual. You know, as casual as East Hampton can get.

    May 1st marks the day reservations go online, so think ahead and grab yourself a table, or honestly, five. Chances you'll be able to swing yourself a spot anytime closer to the summer are low.

    And as if it wasn't exclusive enough, prepare yourself for a possible disappointment. Only American Express cardholders will be able to wine and dine themselves silly, as it appears AmEx is the only form of payment that will be accepted.

    [Photo via Facebook]