Pepalajefa Brings Gourmet Take Out To Sag Harbor's Main Street

by Dena Silver · July 30, 2012

    Introducing Sag Harbor to her gourmet shop, Pepalajefa, right in the middle of July was a gutsy move for owner Livia Hegner. Based on the rave reviews this new foodie spot has acquired it seems that taking the risk was well worth it. The name of the shop, translates in English to “Pepa the boss,” an endearing nickname Livia had for a dear Spanish restaurant owner she once knew.

    Despite the Spanish name, the shop prepares and serves a variety of old-fashioned European-inspired food, each dish featuring it’s own international twist. This European approach to cuisine is introduced to customers with unique combinations of flavor, preparations and seasonings. The idea for the many menu options were created with inspiration from Livia’s many world travels.

    [Insalata di Pasta con Tonno (Pasta Salad with Tuna), Wurst-Chäs Salad (Sausage-Cheese Salad) via]

    While all of this sounds like it would be served by handsome waiters to a table with crisp white linen and silver tableware, Pepalajefa is strictly take out, offering no seating. So whether you order the Spanish bocadillos, the Gazpacho, the Waldorf salad or the seafood lasagna, you can take it home to feast, or prepare a seaside picnic in town. Whatever gourmet entree you decide to go with, don’t forget to top it off with a sweet dessert. From Griesschöpfli (semolina pudding) to flan caramel and an assortment of gelato and sorbet, there’s no reason to not treat your sweet tooth!

    Pepalajefa 7 Main St, Sag Harbor