Scenes from a City in the Summer

by guestofaguest · June 19, 2007

    It's hot and sticky in Manhattan today and we absolutely love it.  Not even the burnt pretzel smell that follows you from block to block, the irrate women rushing around in a bigger hurry than anyone else, though god knows they have nothing actually important to be doing except save for tea at Bergdorf's at 3:00; and even the tourists clogging up the sidewalk can't take away from the feeling of satisfaction we get when walking around the city on a Tuesday afternoon.

    Outside the Apple Store 5th ave where we see that both sexes enjoy a good smoke in the sun:


    Outside FAO Schwartz a little punk gets pisse-off with another little punk for being such a little punk and talking on the phone:


    Vendor guy that had no business one minute and a ten minute line the very next:


    New York's Finest on duty:


    Outside Barney's New York:


    So what have we learned?  New Yorker's like to smoke, the kids are spoiled hipsters, even if it's day old fruit that's been in hot sun, people will wait in line like cattle because a line means it's something good, the cops choose to be bald on purpose, and Barney's is an important stop on the hop-on, hop-off bus tour.

    God we love this city.